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Eight Top Causes of Forklift Incidents in Work Environments

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Ensuring safety in your storage facility is paramount, particularly when it involves forklift operations. Awareness of the predominant causes of forklift-related mishaps is critical. Here, we explore the eight most frequent forklift incidents in workplaces:

1. Inadequate Training of Operators:

Forklifts, being substantial and hefty machinery, demand skilled handling. It's vital that every forklift driver is comprehensively trained and certified to mitigate risks to themselves and others.

2. Excessive Speeding During Operation:

The urge to complete tasks swiftly may lead some operators to exceed safe speed limits. Maintaining a velocity of no more than 5 miles per hour is advisable. Implementing speed restrictions on the forklifts themselves can be an effective measure.

3. Incorrectly Positioned Loads:

Errors such as elevating the load too high, unbalanced loading, or obstructed visibility can result in collisions. It's crucial to ensure loads are balanced and kept at a safe height from the ground.

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4. Improper Maneuvering Techniques:

Lack of knowledge in executing turns correctly can lead to forklifts toppling over. This risk necessitates reiterating the importance of reducing speed before turning to all trained operators.

5. Insufficient Signage in the Work Area:

Adequate signage can prevent many accidents. It's essential to clearly mark all areas relevant to forklift operation within the warehouse.

6. Using the Forklift from an Incorrect Position:

Utilising a forklift from any position other than the designated seat, particularly the forks or stabilising parts, is hazardous. Ensure all operators are correctly seated and secured with a seatbelt.

7. Cluttered Workspace:

A disorderly environment is not conducive to safe forklift operation. Regularly clearing routes like doors and aisles, and ensuring proper marking of forklift zones, is necessary for maintaining safety.

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8. Mechanical Failures Due to Poor Maintenance:

A well-maintained fleet of forklifts is less prone to breakdowns, which can be perilous. Regular checks and maintenance of all vehicles are imperative.

By addressing these key issues, you can significantly reduce the risk of forklift-related accidents in your workplace, safeguarding both your employees and equipment.

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