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Essential Forklift Types for Your Business in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

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Elevating Your Business with the Right Forklifts in Singapore

If your enterprise is involved in warehousing or similar operations in Singapore, the need for efficient forklifts to support your growing demands is paramount. The vast array of forklift types available can be daunting, but fear not. In this guide, we simplify your decision-making process by detailing the most prevalent forklift types in Singapore, ideal for various operational needs.

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1. Counterbalance Forklifts: A Staple in Singapore’s Warehouses

The Counterbalance Forklift stands out as the most utilised type in Singapore, perfect for moving stock in warehouses and loading goods onto vehicles. Its design features front-mounted forks counterbalanced by a weight at the rear, ensuring stability during operations.

Recommended Model: Komatsu AX/BX50

2. The Side Loader: Mastering Narrow Aisles

Specialised in handling heavy and elongated loads like timber and pipes, the Side Loader thrives in confined aisles, thanks to its sideways operator compartment.

3. The Reach Truck: Accessing the Unreachable

Renowned for its ability to extend forks into high racks beyond the reach of standard forklifts, the Reach Truck is an invaluable asset in warehousing.

Recommended Model: Komatsu AR50

komatsu reach truck

4. The Telehandler: Versatility at Its Best

Combining the functions of a crane and a forklift, the Telehandler, or reach forklift, features an extendable arm with forks capable of lifting substantial weights.

5. Rough Terrain Forklifts: Conquering the Outdoors

Designed with pneumatic tyres for outdoor use, these forklifts navigate and transport materials over rugged terrains with ease.

6. The Pallet Jack: Compact and Efficient

Ideal for tight warehouse spaces, the smaller Pallet Jack offers lower maintenance costs and efficient operation, with some models like the EPL153 operating for hours on a single charge.

Recommended Model: EPL153

EP pallet jack

7. The Walkie Stacker: Enhanced Lifting for Compact Spaces

The Walkie Stacker, essentially a more capable pallet truck, is excellent for smaller warehouses with lower racking heights.

8. The Order Picker: Tailored for Individual Orders

Designed for facilities needing to pick individual orders, Order Pickers can reach significant heights and handle various item sizes.

Partnering with Global Brands for Optimal Material-Handling Solutions

At Scantruck, we've collaborated with leading brands like Komatsu to bring you the best in material-handling equipment. Explore our comprehensive catalogue for the ideal forklift solutions for your Singapore business.

To Buy or Rent? Making Cost-Effective Decisions for Your Forklift Needs

Purchasing a forklift is a significant decision, but renting can often be a more cost-effective solution. For a deeper understanding of forklift rentals and to explore our diverse range of forklifts, visit our website or contact us at for a tailored quote.

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