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The 8 Forklift types you should buy in Singapore

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Consider adding these forklifts to your fleet if you're a growing business.

If your business involves warehousing operations, it's only natural that you'll need to purchase or rent additional forklifts to accommodate your growing operation requirements. However, as you take that first step, you may be overwhelmed by the myriad of options out there.

forklift operator riding forklift outside

Don't worry! We've broken down the different types of forklifts commonly found in Singapore to give you a better idea of where to start:

1. The Counterbalance Forklift

This is the most common type of forklift in Singapore and is typically used to transport inventory throughout warehouses, delivery vehicles, and when loading and unloading materials. It features forks placed at the front with a weight at the back of the car to keep it balanced.

Our recommendation: The Komatsu AX/BX50

2. The Side Loader

Usually found in specialised facilities that work with heavy and bulky items, this warehouse forklift subtype is designed to fit through narrow aisles. Since the operator stands in a sideways compartment to operate it, it can handle vertically long loads, such as timber and pipes.

3. The Reach truck

As the name suggests, reach trucks can extend their forks into upper racks in a way standard forklifts cannot. The Komatsu AR50 model has a lifting height of up to 5 meters!

We recommend: The Komatsu AR50

komatsu reach truck

4. The Telehandler

Also called a reach forklift, this machine combines a crane's reach with a forklift's function. It has twin forks attached to its extendable arm that can lift 5,500 pounds of material off the ground.

5. The Rough Terrain Forklift

The rough terrain forklift is characterised by its pneumatic tyres, designed for outdoor use. These machines can navigate and transport materials through rocky, uneven ground.

6. The Pallet Jack

Smaller than the standard forklift, pallet jacks easily fit through tighter spaces like between the shelves of warehouses. Their maintenance costs are also lower, and some models, like the EPL153, can run nonstop for four hours with only one charge.

We recommend: The EPL153

EP pallet jack

7. The Walkie Stacker

Walkie stackers are essentially pallet trucks with greater lifting capability. It's excellent for small warehouses with a racking height of fewer than 4 meters.

8. The Order Picker

Order pickers are made for warehouses or storage facilities that require machines that can pick out orders one by one rather than full loads. Most units can reach up to 32 feet and can handle items that come in various sizes.

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Before buying a forklift, consider purchasing is not your only option. Sometimes, renting can be much more cost-effective!

If you want to know more about forklift rentals, check out this article.

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