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End-to-end services for your fleet

Complete services under one roof

Types of Workshop Services


Basic Service

Optional additional services:
1. Aircon Service
2. Tyre-Replacement Service
3. LTA Pre-Inspection Service


Essential services for your vehicles and equipment based on manufacturers' guidelines


Diagnostic & Troubleshooting

1. Identifying fault codes
2. Rectifying fault codes

3. Erasing/override fault codes

Computer and software-assisted diagnosis and troubleshooting of vehicle and equipment issues


General Repair & Replacement

Components covered:
1. Brake system
2. Transmission

3. Axle & Undercarriage

4. Electrical System

5. Fuel & Exhaust System

Restoring your vehicles to working condition or replacing old or damaged spare parts


Service Contract

Custom-fit contracts to make sure your vehicles and equipment are on their top performance



Top and full overhaul of any make of commercial vehicles and material-handling equipment


Tyre Replacement

Ensuring your tyres are in top condition, plus a one-to-one Wheel Exchange Program for your equipment

Dealing with multiple vendors to find expert help can be time consuming and costly

You could be spending that time and money on your business. You need a one-stop solution to all your vehicles and equipment servicing requirements

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Centralise all your servicing needs 

Convenient and efficient transactions with our expansive services

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Improve your bottom line

Value-for-money products and services

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Focus on your business

Our expert team takes care of your needs

Get the solutions that you exactly need—all in one place
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