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Contract Service for your
Truck and Forklift

Custom-fit contracts to make sure your vehicles and equipment are in their top condition

Types of Services Contract

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Forklift Service Maintenance Contract

1. Basic on-site services
2. Priority breakdown service

3. Discount on spare parts purchases

Scheduled regular and on-demand services, ensuring your forklift is in top condition!

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Preventive Maintenance  Contract

1. Basic Regular and Annual Services
2. LTA Pre-Inspection Service

3. Priority Breakdown Service

4. Discount on spare parts purchases

The most economic way to keep your truck on the road is to prevent problem before it arises.

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Repair & Maintenance Contract

1. Everything in PM Contract
2. Complimentary 24/7 Breakdown Services 
3. Repair Jobs 
4. Overhaul Jobs*

*T&C applied

The full package catered to your truck to give you peace of mind.

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Unexpected repair bills break the budget!

Breakdowns and overhauls result in unexpected repair bills—costing you more than what you have planned for. Vehicle and equipment maintenance should be simple. You can prevent bigger problems with proper and regular servicing.

Our Service Contract ensures that the basics are done right, plus more 

Enjoy maximum returns on your investment when your vehicles and equipment are well-maintained.

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Never miss necessary servicing

Regularly scheduled appointments for your vehicles and equipment, with reminders from us

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Be treated like a VIP 

Preferential pricings and prioritized service from the very start

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Know exactly your fleet's condition

Transparent and regular service reports after every job

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