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Improve Your Competitive Advantage

Upgrade your warehousing equipement with EP Equipment's Lithium-Ion Technology

manual hand pallet truck

Perfect as a replacement for a manual hand pallet truck. Easy to maintain. Equipped with an internal charger to run for four hours in one charging.

☑️ 1.5 tons

☑️ Smart Lithium battery

☑️ 24V Battery

☑️ 2-3 hours/ charge

☑️ Fast Charge

☑️ Intermittent Charge

colored red and  black pallet truck

Equipped with EP’s newly developed li-Ion battery and integrated chargers for maximum flexibility. Compact size of only 400mm. Most versatile.

☑️ 1.5 tons

☑️ 1.8 tons

☑️ Smart Lithium battery

☑️ Plug and play battery

☑️ 24V & 48V options

shortest 2 ton pallet truck

The shortest 2-ton pallet truck in the world! Optimised for usage in narrow aisles and on the tail lift.

☑️ 2.0 tons

☑️ Smart lithium battery

☑️ Plug & play battery

☑️ 48V

ride on pallet truck

The latest version of the Ride-on pallet truck. Quick opportunity charging. Electric power steering. Equipped for even higher productivity.

☑️ 2.0 tons

☑️ Ride-on

☑️ Smart Lithium battery

☑️ 24V/ 210AH

multi purpose ride on pallet truck

Compact and suitable for standing, seating, and leaning. Designed for Asian drivers reducing strain and pain during use.

☑️ 2.0 tons

☑️ Multi-purpose, ride-on

☑️ 24V/ 210AH

☑️ Compact

☑️ Smart Lithium battery

energy saving electric forklift truck

Komatsu FB25/30-12 is the water-resistant, dustproof and energy-saving electric forklift truck that fulfills your needs for a wider range of job sites.

☑️ Max. platform height: 2.99m

☑️ Suitable for narrow space

☑️ Picking height: 4.50m

☑️ Light and flexible

☑️ AGM battery, Li-on as option

vertical order picker

A vertical order picker with heavy-duty, stable mast and a large working platform. Elevates to up to 4880mm, and turns around in as little as 1385mm.

☑️ Max. platform height: 4.80m

☑️ Picking height: 6.3m

☑️ AGM battery, large lead acid battery as option

☑️ Suitable for narrow space

☑️ Simple battery exchange

☑️ Max. platform height: 2.99m

☑️ Picking height: 4.50m

☑️ AGM battery, Li-on as option

high rigidity mast warehousing equipment

The EST(L)122 is fitted with the high-strength chassis and high-rigidity mast that ensure great operation stability.

☑️ 1.2 tons

☑️ Strong chassis

☑️ Rigid mast

☑️ Easy operation

☑️ Efficient hydraulic system

Your competitive edge suffers when your equipment is inefficient

Substandard equipment can either slow down your productivity or keep it flat—a set back to your business growth. You need Top-Performing Warehouse Equipment to boost your product.

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Improve your productivtiy

Shift to lithium-ion for your equipment needs with the leader in the technology

Asset 6.png

Get complex jobs done

Find the most suitable warehousing equipment you need from EP Equipment's wide range of products

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Increase your bottom line

Greater profitability with increased output and affordable pricing

Advance your operation with EP Equipment innovations
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