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4 Reasons Why Fork Guidance Lasers Enhance Forklift Safety

forklift safety

Small yet essential, this accessory is said to have revolutionized the forklift industry. Find out how it can increase forklift safety in any warehouse, including yours.

Wondering what fork guidance lasers are, and if your trucks need them? This accessory, approximately the size of a walnut, is attached onto a forklift and projects a laser beam that helps operators determine whether they are in the right position. Sounds simple, but this actually has a great impact on your operators, goods, and overall business profitability. Here’s why:

1. Improved operator safety and productivity

Without the guidance of accurate technology, a regular operator may need to keep moving goods back and forth throughout the day to make sure it’s properly aligned, especially for shelves that are too high to see or for warehouses that are too narrow. With a fork guidance laser, they don’t necessarily have to see the exact target to know that they’re positioning pallets correctly. The high degree of laser precision allows for better visibility, letting the operator handle more uninterrupted lifts per day and even spot any damage easier.

2. Reduces product damage

Unstable lifting, lack of proper shelf alignment, and improper placement are common culprits behind damaged goods in the warehouse. Operating blindly, an unguided fork might pierce the goods due to lack of proper alignment, or cause them to fall off because of their incorrect placement whether horizontally or vertically. Instead of setting aside the budget to cover for damaged goods, you end up saving more by investing in an accessory that prevents them from happening in the first place. Spotting forklift damages, checking alignment, and assessing lifting positions are all easily handled by fork guidance lasers.

3. Rechargeable battery for higher productivity and reduced operation cost

Did you know that fork guidance lasers run on a long-lasting, rechargeable battery? Chargers are compatible with any standard volt outlets, and a single charge can last up to 3 months. Meanwhile, the batteries themselves are single-cell, lasting several years. They also come with built-in protection that reduces damage from overcharging or excessive heat, which means less downtime and fewer maintenance costs to worry about.

4. Easy installation and operation

A forklift laser guide system can be mounted and fully operational in under 5 minutes! Its technology is compatible with any forklift in the market, making it easily adaptable for any fleet–from installation to operation. Laser beams also project a much thinner light compared to alternatives such as LED, providing a higher degree of accuracy for smoother operations.

forklift laser

Where to buy reliable, high quality fork guidance lasers?

Scantruck has a selection of guidance lasers suited for your fleet! Check out more information about these accessories, our selection of forklifts, or any of our other services here.

Have other forklift safety concerns? Call us at 6305 6600 for a FREE Consultation today!

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