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4 Tips on How to Improve Forklift Operations in Singapore

Implement these workflows in your workplace to improve the efficiency of your forklift operations.

Efficiency is everything. But did you know that even with the best commercial vehicles on the market, your productivity can still be affected by external factors?

Here at Scantruck, we’ve had a lot of experience working with the best material-handling equipment, so we understand how to get your shop running as efficiently as possible. That’s why we’ve written four ways to improve your forklift operations.

1. Adjust Your Facility Layout

An inefficient setup may be hindering your operations. For example, if your operators need to go back and forth to fill a single order, this can negatively impact productivity.

• Ensure it’s easy for your forklift operators to go around the facility. Simple layout changes can cut their overall time and make a big difference.

• Move popular items closer to each other in the packing or staging areas.

• Find any areas of congestion and adjust accordingly.

• Add traffic control devices to aid smooth movement among material-handling equipment.

2. Training and Cross-Training

Experienced forklift operators are an advantage. Make sure that your experienced team members are training and watching over new operators.

• Assign a newer operator to a more skilled one so that work can be divided evenly, and the former can learn directly from the latter.

• Cross-train regular employees with other servicing tasks. This gives them a greater sense of responsibility towards the business.

3. Make Sure Your Forklifts Are Serviced On Time

A small investment that we can’t emphasise enough is having your machines regularly checked. Ensuring on-time servicing for your forklift will save you time and money in the future because you won’t need to keep having them brought in for repairs!

For a quality forklift service in Singapore, try Scantruck's end-to-end services.

Check out more advantages of preventive maintenance here.

4. Communicate With Your Operators

One of the best and easiest ways to find out how to improve your operations is to ask your operators what they think. Since they are closest to the problems, they will likely have the best solutions.

Ask your operators if they have suggestions for making the setup more efficient and accessible. You might just realise that the layout isn’t the problem–but the actual forklift! If this is the case, remember that quality equipment saves time and money.

Involve other team members in the discussion. This will make them feel more responsible and keep them more invested in the business's success.

Extra tip: How about a fleet maintenance programme to increase efficiency? Read more about that here!

If you plan on investing in a forklift to improve your operations, Scantruck is your go-to! We’re the sole distributor of the Komatsu forklift in Singapore and West Malaysia--a 100% Japan-made, reliable brand.

Give us a call at 6305 6600 for a FREE quote and consultation on the best quality material-handling equipment.

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