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6 Forklift Accessories to Ensure Forklift Safety

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Minimise accidents in the workplace with 6 helpful accessories to make your forklifts safer!

It's essential to have strict safety guidelines when working around forklifts and commercial vehicles. Workers must undergo training, and managers must be aware of different factors to maintain fleets properly.

man riding forklift inside warehouse

While it's vital to ensure that all operators are properly oriented, mistakes are inevitable. That's why we recommend installing different forklift accessories to help them drive safely. Here are 6 forklift accessories we recommend:

1. Forklift Backup Handle with Horns

What does it do? Assists operators when reversing or signalling with forklifts.

This add-on accessory is simple to install. It makes reversing much easier and reduces the risk of strains, scrapes, and other injuries.

2. Blue Spotlights or Red Forklift Warning Lights

What does it do? It increases pedestrians' visibility.

This is a must for warehouses and workspaces with dim lighting and poor visibility. The accessory goes on top of the forklift, projects a 10-20 feet long blue spotlight or creates red lines around the forklift in a square. This helpful accessory signals anybody nearby that a forklift is approaching to prevent collisions or accidents.

3. Integrated Cameras

What does it do? It helps operators navigate the area better.

Not every operator has the same visual capacity, and even well-trained staff can benefit from more assistance. Integrated camera systems give operators additional support for spatial awareness by increasing visibility and warning them of any pedestrians or hazards.

4. Fork Guidance Lasers

What does it do? It helps with picking pallets at higher heights and quickly spots damage.

This accessory projects a laser to help operators determine whether they are aligned with the fork, spot if the forklift is broken in any way, or if they are aligned with the shelves that are too high for the naked eye to spot. This accessory is highly recommended for narrow warehouses.

5. Weather Cap

What does it do? Helps with rain and other weather conditions.

This accessory is ideal for forklifts meant for outdoor use. The cap keeps the machine dry, which lessens the risk of potential accidents that result from slipping on wet surfaces caused by the weather.

6. Back-Up Alarm

What does it do? Alerts those nearby that a forklift is backing up.

Is your forklift going in reverse? This warning sound informs pedestrians and operators that a forklift is fast approaching and reminds them to steer clear.

man facing backwards rising the forklift

Where can I buy these parts?

If you’re looking to buy forklift accessories, Scantruck has a wide catalogue of products that you can choose from! Check out our available parts here, or give us a call at 6305 6600.

Being in the industry for over 35 years, we’ve helped thousands of our partners with their commercial vehicles and material-handling equipment needs in Singapore. We're also the proud sole distributor of the Komatsu forklift in Singapore and West Malaysia.

Have other forklift concerns? We’re happy to help with forklift maintenance, service contracts, purchases, and more! Contact us and get a FREE quote on your next Komatsu forklift purchase or rental today.

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