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Avoid These Common Injuries While Using Your Forklift

man operating forklift inside warehouse

Forklifts are imperative to any growing business as they're used to lift and transport cargo and loads. While most material handling equipment is considered safe, there will always be risks when operating any vehicle.

Some of the most common causes of forklift injuries happen when:

• A forklift overturns because a load is off-balance.

• A worker's foot gets stuck inside a forklift.

• Workers fall while operating a forklift.

• Forklifts fall between docks and unsecured trailers or are driven off-loading docks entirely.

• Other forklifts strike workers.

two people posing with safety helmet

Workers should be aware of these common causes of injuries and be highly trained in operating forklifts. If an accident does happen, the worker should report it to their supervisor immediately with the following information included:

• An explanation of the work being performed during the time of injury.

• A play-by-play of how the accident happened.

• The presence of any witnesses.

• A medical diagnosis from a professional.

• The precise cause of the injury.

man operating forklift that carries boxes

Remember, forklifts are not dangerous! However, keep these in mind. Training workers is the key when operating forklifts to avoid accidents. Prevention is always better than a cure.

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