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Brand Review: Cojali

Cojali is one of the leading names in the world of after market for European commercial vehicle spare parts. It has extensive range of products for the Big 6 European brands: SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES, DAF, IVECO, & RENAULT. 

One of Cojali's unique selling points is its focus on advanced technology and innovation 🚀. The company is at the forefront of electronic diagnosis 💻 and cooling systems ❄️, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. From electronic components to thermal management systems, Cojali's products are designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability!

At Scantruck Engineering Pte Ltd, we highly recommend the product range that Cojali has to offer, especially the Fan Assembly range! We have a pretty wide range of Cojali products available ex-stock in our warehouse. If you're a spare parts shop (B2B) and would like to learn more about the business opportunity 💰 to sell Cojali product, please feel free to reach out! 🤝🏻

With its diagnostic tools Jaltest 💻, Cojali has basically become the household name of the independent workshop. We at Scantruck Engineering Pte Ltd love the Jaltest product so much that we decided to buy 2 units of the Jaltest equipment to equip our Workshop! It's great to have a diagnostic tools that can be relied upon to work across different vehicle models. 

Scantruck has partnered with Cojali, a leader in providing European CV after market parts, for more than 6 years. We are proud to have been a partner to distribute Cojali in Singapore and beyond!

Almost a year ago, our General Manager, Ricky was visiting Cojali S. L. in its very hometown Alcazar. Below is his picture with the Sales Manager. Alcazar is located about 1.5 hours train ride away from Madrid. Cojali have a great showcase of what the Company is capable of and the directions it's heading to. You can always connect with our General Manager in his personal Linkedin profile here.

Need help with a specific Cojali product, or having trouble choosing the right one? Email us at and we’ll help to take care of your fleet, so you can focus on growing your business. Let Scantruck partner with you in growing your business!

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