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Choose the right Material Handling Equipment for the job

Maximize your costs, increase speed, and be more efficient when you streamline your operations with the right MHEs.

Knowing what equipment you need during your day-to-day operations is key to growing a successful business. In this article, we’ll discuss three things you should know and consider before buying MHEs ( Material Handling Equipment), which include forklifts, pallet jacks, and other machines.

yellow komatsu forklift

1. Evaluate your needs first

Before purchasing an MHE:

• Be aware of the needs of your operations first. Remember that the initial cost of an MHE is only 20% of its total cost; the rest goes into maintaining your newly-purchased equipment.

• Factor in the needs of your operation, and consider how many MHEs you’ll need – or if you’re unsure, you may opt for short-term rentals to reduce the chances of incurring additional costs.

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2. Choose the correct MHE

Knowing the needs of your operation is key to choosing the right MHE. Before you buy, consider the following:

• Your operating environment

• Your operators (If experienced or inexperienced)

• If the equipment’s specifications are built to handle the load of your operations

Purchasing machines not built to handle the requirements of your project may lead to equipment breakdown or workplace accidents, not to mention injuries if the person operating your machine is inexperienced.

komatsu material handling equipment

3. Invest in new tech and equipment

New technologies are constantly being rolled out so it's also a good idea to check new MHE innovations. For example, electric pallet jacks, riders, and tuggers, may be more efficient for your operation than sit-down trucks.

However, older technologies have proven their reliability, so always do your research before investing in a cutting-edge machine.

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