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Diesel Technic Partner in Singapore

The following is a repost from Diesel Technic’s blog about its partner all over the world. Scantruck’s relationship with Diesel Technic goes way back in the 90s!

64 islands form one of the 20 smallest countries in the world – Singapore, also known as the “Lion City”. The main island is 42 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide. Despite the small size, Singapore has more than 3,000 kilometres of roads. On these roads, the heavy-duty truck sector is dominated by the European truck brands, such as Scania, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Of course, these trucks need the right maintenance, service, and spare parts. This is the business of Scantruck.

Founded in 1984, Scantruck started as a trailer building company. Short time after, Scantruck became a distributor for Scania – which also explains the company name. By doing so, the company was one of the pioneers in bringing European commercial vehicles and the corresponding spare parts to Singapore. Nowadays, Scantruck is a very well-known distributor with a worldwide customer network.

The harder you work, the luckier you get

What are the key success factors for the successful company history and the outstanding development? Mr. Ricky Widjajakusuma, General Manager of Scantruck, explains that the work style and the experience are one of the main key factors. “We work hard and work smart. The harder you work, the luckier you get”, says Mr. Ricky Widjajakusuma. Next to this base of success, the knowledge is another point. “The main thing is the product knowledge about the spare parts. If you don’t know what you are selling, the customers will not come to you. We learn a lot about spare parts through our own internal workshop experience as well as customer feedback”, adds the General Manager. An experienced team of more than 40 employees is taking care about the best customer service at Scantruck. “Having the right people to drive the company forward is another important key!”

In 1993/1994 Scantruck started its business with Diesel Technic. Diesel Technic was one of the earlier players and a pioneer in European spare parts in South East Asia and Scantruck helped a lot to introduce the brands of Diesel Technic – DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive – to the markets in the region. During the last decades the partnership between Scantruck and Diesel Technic grew. “Diesel Technic is very committed, and they are not only just about wanting to sell , but they also provide the best aftersales support to us which is something that is very unmatched from other vendors.Diesel Technic is giving the best service in terms of quality and aftersales”, says Mr. Ricky Widjajakusuma.

Availability more than anything

In the daily life in the retail business and the company-owned workshops, the availability is very important. “Having the right spare parts in time is very crucial. In Singapore market, I think people value availability more than anything because Singapore is quite accessible to the rest of the world so they can get spare parts from anywhere pretty fast. To be competitive in Singapore, we need to have the stocks. Diesel Technic is helping us a lot with that.”

The Partner Portal of Diesel Technic offers distribution partners a complete online platform with many information in order to react fast to the demand of the end users. “We cannot live without the Partner Portal. It is very useful for us to cross-check the part numbers, availability and pricings which we can get all in an instant. That is also a huge factor why we stick to Diesel Technic.”

More bang for the buck

Using the online support as a distributor, Scantruck also uses online tools for their customers. The E-Commerce,, started in 2018 and will be further developed within the next years. Furthermore Scantruck is using several social media channels in order to raise awareness and add on credibility for the company as well as communicating the advantages of the product brands. “DT Spare Parts have gone through quite an extensive product control before releasing into the market. The market perception of DT Spare Parts is that of a value product, a quality brand with a better return on it. Therefore it offers our customers more bang for the buck”, explains Mr. Ricky Widjajakusuma.

Based on a solid foundation, Scantruck and Diesel Technic are looking forward to a prosperous common future.

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