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Diesel Technic: Your Trusted Source for Premium European Commercial Vehicle Parts

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Diesel Technic, established in 1972, stands as a market leader in aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, specifically for European commercial vehicles. With their global presence, including key locations in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, UAE, and notably Singapore, Diesel Technic offers unparalleled quality and extensive range.

Extensive Product Range:

DT Spare Parts boasts an impressive catalogue of approximately 40,000 products across 30 application-related categories, ensuring a comprehensive selection for your truck requirements. For more cost-effective alternatives, SIEGEL Automotive, another brand under Diesel Technic, provides around 1,000 product choices in a single, comprehensive catalogue.

Exclusive Partnership:

Scantruck proudly partners with Diesel Technic as an exclusive distributor in Singapore and the surrounding region since the early 90s. As a Diesel Technic Service Partner, Scantruck also offers full-service solutions for those without an in-house mechanic team.

Customer Enquiries:

Interested in Diesel Technic products? Contact Scantruck for personalized assistance. Reach out to us at 6305 6600 or email at for queries or specific product requests.

Additional Resources:

Download our free catalogue for a detailed look at our spare parts for commercial vehicles. Plus, get expert advice on choosing between OEM and Aftermarket parts for your vehicle with our bonus guide.

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