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Diesel Technic: A Reliable Brand of Spare Parts?

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A wide range of aftermarket parts for European trucks and buses

When it comes to providing the most extensive aftermarket selection of automotive parts and accessories for European commercial vehicles, Diesel Technic (DT) remains one of the largest players in the industry. Their headquarters are in Germany but have locations worldwide, including France, the Netherlands, Spain, UAE, and of course, Singapore.

They were founded in 1972 to provide partners worldwide with spare parts for trucks with guaranteed quality. Through that, they developed DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive products and continue providing workshop customers in over 150 countries with their expertise and full service. Today, owners of commercial vehicle brands like SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES, MAN, DAF, and IVECO rely on Diesel Technic for their fleet's performance.

DT Spare Parts offers around 40,000 products, with 30 application-related product catalogues! So everything you need for your truck can be found in DT. For more economical solutions, they also have the SIEGEL Automotive brand, which offers around 1,000 products, with just one general product catalogue.

So, where do you buy Diesel Technic spare parts?

Diesel Technic works exclusively with distributors, and Scantruck has been a trusted Diesel Technic partner for Singapore and around the region since the early 90s!

We are also a Diesel Technic Service Partner. So if you don’t have your own mechanic team, bring your fleet to Scantruck!

Are you interested in a specific Diesel Technic product? Send us an enquiry, and we’ll do our best to help! Give us a call at 6305 6600 or email us at today.

Free! Download our catalogue of spare parts for our commercial vehicles.

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