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Five Guaranteed Ways to Pass Your Commercial Vehicle Inspection Every Single Time

staff having vehicle inspection

It's that time of the year again in Singapore when you have to submit your commercial vehicle for an inspection!

Unfortunately, mandatory vehicle inspection can sometimes creep up on us without our knowing, and we are caught unaware. In fact, many fleet owners tend to neglect the care and upkeep of their vehicles, whether commercial or industrial vehicles. These owners opt to get in and drive daily without doing check-ups or observations and therefore find it challenging to bring their vehicles in for inspection.

While most periodic inspections in Singapore are annual, more frequent inspections are conducted depending on the vehicle's type and condition. And that all depends on how you fare in vehicle maintenance and regular repairs.

5 Action Plans for A Stress-Free Inspection

Don't fret! There are plenty of strategies to use to ensure you do not have any problems come inspection time in Singapore. We list down FIVE sure-fire ways you can pass your commercial vehicle inspection every single time:

1. Keep track of your vehicle's inspection frequency.

The frequency of vehicle inspection depends on the type of automobile you drive. Different types of cars have varying terms regarding how often you would need to have your vehicle inspected. Add to this the age of your vehicle, and you would have a clear picture of when and how often you would need to submit your vehicle for inspection.

Goods Vehicles and Trailer vehicles in Singapore need inspection annually. This means that the trucks and buses in your fleet service would have to be primed and readied for review every year. This effort can range from tedious to stressful depending on the number of vehicles in use and their quality. Knowing this ahead of time, you can manage their service before the inspection date and prepare them in the best way possible.

Feel free to check out this website for pertinent information on the specific type of vehicle you own.

men checking vehicle's parts

2. Know the inspection checklist by heart.

Another way to stay ahead of the curve is by knowing which parts of your commercial vehicle will undergo inspection in Singapore. It is a good idea to have a deeper understanding of how your vehicle works. You do not have to gain the same level of knowledge as a mechanic or repairman, but just enough to get by and determine if a system or part is not working properly.

Let us break it down for you:

a. Structural Integrity

One of the most crucial yet often overlooked aspects of vehicle maintenance is the structure and frame of the chassis. It must remain solid and intact as the foundation of any vehicle.

b. Wheel System

This involves the entire series of interconnected parts, including the wheels, shock absorbers, bearing, suspension, and wheel alignment.

c. Steering System

This tests the control of the vehicle and holds top priority. This inspection also covers the drive shafts and even the steering fluids.

d. Braking System

This refers to the quality of the brake pads, caliper, and rotors.

e. Propulsion System

This evaluates the quality of emission. It is essential to make sure that your emission does not produce hazardous or non-environment-friendly smoke.

f. Visual Indication System

This checks all the parts that help indicate the vehicle's location and status, including the headlamps, park lights, brake lights, and even the indicator lights in the dashboard. In addition, the mirror panels in the rear-view and side mirrors are included under this category.

g. Condition of the Vehicle's Body

This inspects the quality of the seatbelts, doors, hinges, windows, and all other related functions.

Any certified Land Transport Authority (LTA) establishment (we share a list below!) can be a venue for your vehicle inspection. But, again, make sure to have these items in mind before you schedule your inspection.

3. Be aware of the Enhanced Inspection Regime (EIR).

The Enhanced Inspection Regime (EIR) in Singapore inspects the modified or altered parts of the vehicle. These may be physical, aesthetic, or engine modifications that sway from the manufacturer's original factory-released specifications registered with the LTA. Be mindful of any alterations or modifications and have them registered as soon as possible to avoid // issues.

man doing truck check-up

4. Discover where the In-Vehicle Unit Inspection Centres are.

It is also important to note that In-Vehicle Units (IU) are also liable for inspections! So make sure that all your payment devices, mounts, and scanners are installed correctly so that your In-Vehicle Unit inspection will go smoothly. There are several centres to have these inspected, and here are some of their locations:

53 Pioneer Road

Singapore 628505

Tel: 6863 9639

20 Changi North Crescent

Singapore 499613

Tel: 6458 4555

249 Jalan Boon Lay

Singapore 619523

Tel: 6261 6178

5. Find a reliable partner to look after your vehicles.

With so many things going on in your business, it's easy to forget what needs to be done to get the vehicles ready for inspection, especially if you have a growing fleet. Having an expert in LTA Pre-Inspection Service will ensure that your vehicles are prepared for the checks and will pass them.

Scantruck offers custom-fit service contracts that include LTA Pre-Inspection services to keep you on top of your vehicle inspection schedule. Moreover, we record our contract customers' vehicles' parts and systems, so you don't have to do the tedious work.

Experience a less hassle vehicle inspection with our services by emailing us at for a quote on our service contract packages.

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