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men checking stocks inside the warehouse

Are you always trying to figure out how to supply customer orders on time with healthy stock levels and a fast movement of goods? Or are you trying to find ways to reduce costs and increase revenue?

We hear you. From our own experience of running our spare parts warehouse, conversing with other warehouse operators, and tons of research, we've listed down these FIVE helpful tips to supercharge your warehouse operations in Singapore:

1. Adapt lean warehouse practices

Lean principles focus on creating the most value for customers while using the fewest resources. In effect, it also considers your waste management because it aims to reduce waste that comes with production (by "waste," we mean unused time, space, process, movement, inventory, and other resources).

One company in Singapore that has adapted lean warehouse practices is Shalom Movers. This article shares what improvements they've taken just in case you want to read further.

2. Equip your employees

Your employees are keys to running your warehouse efficiently, even with the installation of automation and technologies. Having said this, your operators need to have mastery over all the tools you use and not the other way around. So if you're thinking of reducing staff training from your budget, think again. Providing them with formal training will go a long way.

Here are some course options offered in Singapore for your warehouse operators:

• Executive Certificate in Warehouse Management by SIPM is a 6-week course, available both online and offline.

SkillsFuture course for Warehouse Operations Professionals. Various programs are being conducted by SkillsFuture for the different job roles in warehousing ops.

mechanics posing in front of forklifts

3. Develop an omni-channel fulfillment

This is the fulfillment of customers' orders from various sources (online, social media, brick-and-mortar stores, etc.) and a method that makes the most out of those multiple channels.

Having an omnichannel fulfillment strategy allows you to address the ever-changing demands of your customers. DHL shares its insight into omni-channel logistics in this short article.

4. Invest in software technology

The competition is fierce, and your business will have to keep up with your competitor's drive towards efficiency. Companies are moving their investments towards cloud-based inventory and warehouse management systems. If you haven't deployed it yet, this is something to consider.

You might want to read up on Oracle, which has one of the market's more sophisticated warehouse management cloud services.

staff working in front of computer

5. Invest in the right warehousing equipment

Your staff and operations will only be as good as the equipment that they use. Therefore, investing in the most suitable, reliable, and robust material-handling and warehousing equipment is another pivotal decision you can ever make for your warehouse operations.

forklift inside the warehouse carrying stocks

So how do you decide on what equipment you'll need?

Our warehousing equipment specialists at Scantruck can make it simple for you and walk you through the process. We distribute an expansive range of equipment to suit different requirements and offer flexible rental or purchase options. You can request a FREE quote on our line-up of material-handling equipment by calling us at 6305 6600.

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