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How to Find the Best Forklift: 6 Important Questions to Ask

Before talking to a reliable forklift dealer, there are some things you need to consider.

Did you know that forklifts aren’t one-size-fits-all? Different material-handling equipment are developed for certain conditions or specific tasks. So, if you’re looking for the best commercial vehicle to buy in Singapore, the answer definitely depends on how you’ll use it.

Scantruck has serviced thousands of vehicles since 1984, and there’s certainly a unit in our warehouse that’s well-suited for your needs. It’s simply a matter of finding the right one. Here are 6 easy questions to help you narrow down your choices:

1. What type of environment will you be operating in?

If you’re operating outdoors, any internal combustion (diesel or gas) shouldn’t be a problem. In this case, a versatile diesel forklift may fit your needs just fine. But if you’re operating indoors, chances are that you’ll need a battery forklift.

2. How heavy is the material you need to handle?

Larger, heftier material may need stronger equipment like the EX 50 Model.

3. How high do you need to lift them?

For warehouse usage, usually you will need a high reach. Our Reach Stacker provides a high reach (up to 6.5 meters) designed specifically for reaching higher storage spaces in warehouses.

4. How will you move the material?

Do you need a special wide side-shifter or rotator to handle your materials? For example, if you’re handling drums or paper rolls, you might need a rotator. These are not standard items. It’s best to have a consultation before deciding to purchase!

5. Are any of the materials a type of chemical or something perishable?

If your material is sensitive, you may need equipment that keeps the environment clean to not harm or affect it.

6. Will the material be stored or processed?

If you need this equipment to help you move material within tighter spaces, you may need something more compact.

Bonus question: Rent or Buy forklifts? This article weighs the pros and cons.

Now that you’ve answered the basics–where do you buy a forklift?

Scantruck is a reliable distributor in Singapore; we carry multiple brands like Komatsu forklifts and EP equipment available for sale and for rent. With a better understanding of your logistical needs, we can recommend the best material-handling equipment for you–all within an affordable budget and suited for your operational requirements.

Interested in a free quote? Contact us or give us a call at 6305 6600 today!

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