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How to Get The Most Out of Your Tyres: 5 Tips

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Tyres affect vehicle performance more than you’d think! Here are 5 tips to ensure you’re maximising yours.

Apart from allowing a forklift to move, the type of tyre actually affects the vehicle’s performance, too. Whether a forklift can carry a heavy load or can run on different types of terrain without breaking down, that all boils down to the tyres.

tyre of yellow komatsu forklift

So how do you know you’re getting the most out of your tyre selection? We compiled a few things to look out for to help you out:

1. Select the correct tyre

While there are a number of tyres available on the market, there are three main types you need to look out for. Here’s what each do:

Pneumatic: can withstand high speeds and long distances and driven over different types of terrain

• Solid: made using pure rubber and meant to be used exclusively on smooth surfaces

• Resilient: a hybrid of both, they have an anti-abrasive layer, a soft shock-absorbent layer, and a rigid base to keep the tyres secure

2. Make sure your tyres are high quality

When it comes to buying tyres, do not be afraid of spending a bit more – this will actually lower your costs in the long run. Manufacturer-approved tyres are less prone to wear and tear than cheap tyres, which will keep your breakdown and repair costs lower in the long run.

3. Let your tyres cool down

All tyres, even the highest quality ones, have one weakness: high heat. Since they’re made of rubber, exposure to too much heat may cause them to melt and break down. At most, tyres can go 2 kilometres nonstop before they need a 15-minute break to cool down.

4. Look out for tyre marks

Some forklifts are designed to preserve a tyre’s quality for longer, like Komatsu, for example. This doesn’t mean they won’t need replacing eventually. An easy way to check whether or not a tyre needs to be changed is by keeping an eye out for black skid marks on the floor, which only happens when a tyre has been thoroughly worn down. Aside from tyre marks, here are 4 more signs your tyres may need replacing.

5. Check your tyres before driving – every time

Driving a tyre with cracks or holes could lead to accidents. The best way to prevent this is simply by doing a tyre check before driving the forklift.

yellow komatsu forklift

Need extra tyre assistance?

As your one-stop shop for all your vehicles and material-handling equipment needs, Scantruck offers a one-for-one solid tyre replacement program. On top of this, we have a forklift service contract that includes the following:

• Discounted prices for spare parts

• Regular maintenance checks

• Repairs and breakdown services at lower prices – we’ll coordinate all the necessary transportation!

If you are interested in any of these services, our selection of forklifts, or material-handling equipment, feel free to give us a call at 6305 6600. We’ll even throw in a FREE quote!

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