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Is MANN + HUMMEL A Good Brand?

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Founded in 1941 in Ludwigsburg during the middle of the Second World War, Mann+Hummel Gruppe (M+H) started as a textile-producing company but has since switched to the production of high-quality filtration systems for engines for over eight decades.

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Having partnered with brands such as Volvo and Scania, M+H filters are highly-regarded as OEM-quality despite technically being an aftermarket manufacturer. They’ve forged a decades-long relationship with various OE customers and dealers worldwide. This means their product catalogue spans a wide variety of applications – from vehicles, such as motor cars, harvesters, compressors, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, to water purification and wastewater treatment systems.

Their most popular products include:

• Air filters

• Oil filters

• Fuel filters

• Air Dryer filters

• Steering Filters

• Aircon Filters

• Gearbox Filters

So is M+H a good brand? We think so! We believe in M+H so much that we’ve been an official distributor of their products in Singapore for over 20 years.

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Are you interested in purchasing Mann + Hummel filters? We always have their filters in stock for your convenience. You can be sure to find the right Mann + Hummel filters for your Volvo or Scania machines with Scantruck!

For our catalogue, click here.

Interested in a specific product? Give us a call at 6305 6600 or email us at

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