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Is Weweler-Colaert A Good Brand?

weweler colaert spare parts

One of, if not the most crucial supplier in the European automotive industry, Weweler-Colaert (WC) produces high-quality OEM parts in the independent aftermarket industry.

Starting as a merger of two companies, Usines Colaert and Weweler, WC became a juggernaut in the industry by inventing the groove found in leaf springs. Since then, they have grown into 104 operating companies across 20 countries under the VDL Groep.

weweler box and spare parts

WC produces high-quality leaf springs for commercial trucks, trailers, buses, street sweepers, airport trucks, agricultural trailers, and light commercial vehicles. When you’re looking for quality suspension systems for your machines, WC should be at the top of your list. WC partners enjoy the benefits of their “All-Makes Program,” which provides suspension and chassis parts on top of a complete line of genuine replacement components. This includes more than 80,000 springs and accessories adaptable to various brands, and they can also supply within 24 hours to European vehicles registered under the program.

a weweler box and one spare part

Are you looking for leaf springs, suspension components, or even a custom job for your specific commercial vehicle needs? Weweler-Colaert comes highly recommended by us as an official distributor of their products. We believe in Weweler’s ability to create high-quality, European-made components that meet the OEM customer’s needs.

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Scantruck is an official distributor of Weweler-Colaert products in Singapore and Indonesia. If you’re interested in a specific product, give us a call at 6305 6600 or email us at

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