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Discover WABCO: Premier Supplier for Commercial Vehicles in Singapore

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Experience Advanced Commercial Vehicle Solutions with WABCO

In the realm of commercial vehicles, particularly European trucks and buses, WABCO's legacy as a leader in safety and control systems is unparalleled. Established in 1869 and initially known as Westinghouse Air Brake Company, WABCO has evolved significantly. Its prominence has grown exponentially, culminating in its acquisition by ZF for a staggering USD 7 billion​​.

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WABCO's Expertise in Vehicle Safety and Control Systems

WABCO's specialisation lies in safety and control systems, vital for today's advanced commercial vehicles. The WABCO logo is a mark of excellence, often seen on new trucks' valves and air processing systems. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many components, WABCO's reliability has made it a favourite among fleet users. Their range includes the WABCO-9325100090 Electronic

Controlled Air Dryer for SCANIA, the Central Brake Unit WABCO-4800200280 for MAN vehicles, and the highly sought-after Universal Tristop Brake Chamber 30/30 WABCO-9254921020, among others​​.

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Acquiring WABCO Products through Scantruck in Singapore

As a key distributor in WABCO's network, Scantruck takes pride in being a WABCO Service Partner. This partnership ensures adherence to WABCO's stringent technical and safety standards in maintaining and repairing commercial vehicles. Scantruck's expertise extends to advanced installations like the Tailguard​​.

Why Choose Scantruck for Your WABCO Needs?

Since the late 1990s, Scantruck has been a leading supplier of genuine WABCO parts in Singapore, renowned for providing the right stock at the right price. As a trusted partner for all things WABCO, Scantruck remains committed to delivering the best in quality and service​​.

For further inquiries or to explore our extensive range of WABCO products, contact us at 6305 6600 or email Discover why Scantruck is your go-to source for WABCO in Singapore.

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