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Scantruck and Hengst: A Strong Partnership

In 2022, Scantruck began its partnership with Hengst, becoming the official distributor of Hengst filters. We are proud to say that this collaboration has strengthened the availability and promotion of Hengst products in Singapore and the surrounding regions, including Malaysia and Indonesia! 

Celebrating a Decade in Singapore

Hengst recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary in Singapore during the MCVE (Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo) 2024. This milestone was marked by the Asian Trucker Networking Night, an event hosted by Hengst Filtration. The event provided an excellent opportunity for Hengst to thank its partners and guests for their loyalty and trust in the brand.

Picture of our GM, Mr. Ricky Widjajakusuma, and our Business Development Manager, Mr. Jason Tan, with Ms. Evengila Quek, Sales Manager of Hengst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd at the Hengst booth at the MCVE 2024.

Scantruck is actively distributing Hengst filters not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia and Indonesia. With strong partners promoting Hengst products in their respective regions, the reach and recognition of Hengst filters continue to grow. This regional expansion ensures that customers across Southeast Asia have access to high-quality filtration solutions for their commercial vehicles.

The Asian Trucker Networking Night

The Asian Trucker Networking Night by Hengst Filtration was a highlight of MCVE 2024. It was open to all participants, including exhibitors, delegates, and media partners. The event featured a celebration of Hengst's achievements and its plans for the future, reinforcing its commitment to quality and innovation in the filtration industry.

 Here’s video of Hengst MD giving talk at the MCVE. 

It was an impressive presence, transforming the Asian Trucker R&R into a vibrant networking hub for delegates. Its enhanced booth became a focal point for industry professionals, offering a dynamic space for discussions and networking. Hengst’s commitment to innovation in filtration technology was prominently showcased, highlighting its advanced solutions designed to improve vehicle sustainability and efficiency.

Scantruck wishes all the best to Hengst and the team. We hope we can continue to grow together for years to come!

For more information on Hengst's comprehensive filtration solutions and to explore how we can support your commercial vehicle needs, contact us now! 

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