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Enhance Workplace Safety with a Forklift Warning Light: Essential for Every Warehouse

mechanic operating forklift

Maximising Safety in Forklift Operations

Are you concerned about the safety levels during forklift operations within your storage facility? The proximity of forklifts in busy areas, especially where pedestrians are present, significantly heightens the risk of accidents. Despite best efforts, drivers' visibility can be obstructed and bystanders may remain oblivious to the imminent dangers of moving forklifts. A practical solution is readily available to mitigate these risks.

The Revolutionary Forklift Warning Light

While conventional forklifts are equipped with horns or beepers, these may not always suffice, especially amidst various distractions within the warehouse environment. Operators might be engaged with loud audio, facing the opposite direction, or have their view blocked. The confusion escalates when multiple forklifts operate simultaneously from different directions. Numerous organisations have recognised that relying solely on auditory warnings is insufficient. This realisation has led to the widespread adoption of the Forklift Warning or Forewarner Light.

man driving forklift inside warehouse

Business Benefits of the Forewarner Light

The forewarner light, now a mandatory feature in several multinational company warehouses, effectively alerts pedestrians to approaching forklifts. Designed either as a linear beam or a spotlight on the floor, its focused and intense light ensures high visibility and cannot be overlooked.

Additional Advantages of the Forklift Warning Light:

  • Enhances navigation and communication within the warehouse.

  • Alerts vehicles and pedestrians to incoming forklifts.

  • IP67 certification, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Flexible mounting bracket for precise positioning.

  • Perfect for installations in confined spaces.

  • Ideal for battery-powered forklifts due to their minimal noise output.

forklift and forklift lights

Acquire Your Forklift Warning Light Today

Exciting news from Scantruck! We are offering a complete set of three forewarner lights, with installation, at an exclusive price of £400 (before VAT), valid until the end of 2021. Don't miss out on this limited opportunity to enhance the safety of your warehouse operations. For more details about this special offer or our range of services, please 【contact us】 at 6305 6600.

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