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Start Using A Forklift Warning Light | Here’s Why You Need it

mechanic operating forklift

Want to reduce forklift accidents in the workplace? Here’s how a Forklift Warning Light can help!

How safe are forklift operations in your warehouse? Are other workers aware of oncoming traffic when forklifts are being used?

man driving forklift inside warehouse

Accidents can happen when forklifts are moving so closely in areas with heavy foot traffic. As much as you try to keep things under control, the drivers’ views may be blocked, and onlookers may not be aware of the surroundings.

Luckily, we can recommend the right accessory that can help prevent such accidents. Keep reading to see how!

Forklift Warning Light

Generally, most forklifts have horns or beeping mechanisms to alert others of their presence, but there are times that other distractions can still get in the way. For example, the forklift operator may be listening to loud music, looking in another direction, or have a blocked field of view. There are also instances where multiple lifts are coming from different areas simultaneously, which can be confusing.

Several companies have already realised that a forklift horn is not enough because it doesn’t prevent accidents nearly as well as it should. Because of this, they have adopted the Forklift Warning or Forewarner Light.

How will it help my business?

A forewarner light, which has become a required feature in many MNC warehouses, notifies pedestrians of oncoming forklifts. It comes in a linear line or a spotlight on the ground where light rays converge and become sharply focused, so it can’t be missed!

Other Forklift Warning Light or Forewarner Light benefits include:

• Helps in navigation and communication with others in the warehouse

• Warns other vehicles or pedestrians of an oncoming vehicle

• IP67 designed for both indoor and outdoor usage

• Adjustable mounting bracket to allow precise positioning of the light on the floor

• Ideal for installation jobs in compact spaces

• Great for battery-powered vehicles since they have minimal sound

forklift and forklift lights

Where to buy Forklift Warning Light or Forewarner Light?

The great news is that Scantruck is offering a full set of 3 forewarner lights (combination of your choice), including installation, at a DISCOUNTED PRICE OF $400 (before GST) valid until the end of 2021!

Don’t miss out on this limited offer! For more information about this limited offer or any of our other services, contact us at 6305 6600!

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