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Fleet management is not for everyone! It’s quite tough to keep the costs down, and thus you would need to look for ways to reduce repair and maintenance costs. If you are a fleet manager, this resource is for you!

It’s a fact that there are some costs that cannot totally be eliminated, but most of them can be minimized. By taking a proactive approach and applying the right steps, it would be possible for you to reduce the repairs and maintenance costs and actually save money! Read on to find out how you can do so.

Step #1: Focus On Preventive Maintenance

You are quite aware that your commercial vehicles would require maintenance and adjustment at regular intervals. As a proactive approach, conduct preventive maintenance services where full vehicle check is part of the package.

Check for your vehicles' condition, parts, and performance through preventive maintenance before any breakdown happens. It’s better to catch the problem sooner before it causes bigger problems that would require more extensive repair. Repair costs definitely generate more expenses in general. It becomes tougher to plan your budgets when you have unexpected repair costs eating away on your budget! So, preventive maintenance means reduced unexpected costs.

Conducting preventive maintenance services and checks result in these benefits:

• You extend your vehicles' life when their health’s properly maintained.

• You reduce the need for purchasing expensive parts replacement.

• You avoid the unexpected breakdown that may disrupt your operation.

• Your fleet operators become more productive, driving better results for your business.

• You can expect a better resale value for your vehicles.

man repairing parts of trucks

Step #2: Reduce Fuel Consumption

Fuel price is not in anyone's control, but fuel consumption is.

Consider the following:

• Plan your fleet's route, so your vehicles don't cover unnecessary miles. Reduce mileage, and you reduce fuel consumption.

• Take your truck for regular preventive maintenance services and checks. The truck engine will operate more efficiently when it's properly maintained.

• Get corporate discounts for fuel. Options are plenty: Shell Fleet Card, Esso’s Wholesale Fuel, Caltex StarCard are some of your choices.

• Take advantage of modern technology including:

1. Turbochargers to power diesel engines for fuel consumption efficiency.

2. Electrification of accessories so that there is less fuel burnt while your vehicles accessories are relying on electricity.

3. Telematics to analyze the fuel management of your vehicles. An Electronic Logging Device can automatically track hours when your vehicles are in operation, giving you insights into your fuel consumption.

man checking the condition of trucks

Step #3: Implement A Truck Fleet Safety Plan

As a fleet manager, it would be wise to implement an effective safety plan.

You can consider the following for an effective truck fleet safety plan:

• Make sure you are hiring drivers with a high degree of compliance. Take LTA Violations seriously. Don't take any risks in this area. The driver you are hiring should be your asset and should add value to the company.

• Provide incentive to push your drivers to prioritize safety. Training may be a necessary component to this.

• Learn from the driver’s mistake. Make it a learning example for all other drivers not to follow. Find out what's causing the incident. Try to reach the root cause of ongoing issues.

• Make vehicle inspections and maintenance a must. Impose penalties when necessary.

• Strictly implement the above Safety Plan as part of SOPs (Standard Policies and Procedures) of the company.

driver talking to the inspector

Step #4: Pay More Attention To Your Vehicles' Tyres

With proper maintenance, you can increase the truck tyres' life expectancy.

• Make sure the tyres are properly inflated. Overinflated or underinflated tyres can cause damage to them, and eventually, the vehicles themselves. You can reduce your fuel bill by 3.3% if your tyres are properly inflated.

• If you are not focusing on tyre balancing, then be ready for a costly replacement. Encourage your drivers to give prompt feedback whenever they feel their tyres are getting out-of-balance. This will save you a lot of tyre replacement cost money!

mechanic repairing tyre

Wrapping It Up

As a fleet manager, there's a lot in your hands. You are taking care of various moving pieces–quite literally! Consider partnering with a company that can help you oversee the health of your vehicles.

At Scantruck, we value your fleet as much as you do. We've been helping thousands of commercial vehicles to be on the road for more than 35 years and we are taking our work quality seriously.

We are also partnering with the best global brands for spare parts to give you the best value for your money.

We’d like to talk more with you and see how we can help you reduce your maintenance cost. Call us now at 6305 6600 and get a free quote for your fleet servicing needs!

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