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Why invest in Material-Handling Equipment? | Increase Warehouse efficiency and productivity

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If you’re in the manufacturing industry, your business is likely dependent on reliable material-handling equipment.

Anything related to the production, movement, and control of materials or products is filed under material-handling. For example, in manufacturing, the entire process of delivering raw materials and finished products out of the factory relies on what is referred to as material-handling equipment. This incorporates several automated, semi-automated, and manual machines supporting the company’s supply.

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That said, it’s clear that the roles of machines are integral. Forklifts and pallet trucks help your business become more efficient. Here, we outline the 2 key functions of material-handling equipment:

1. Applications of Material-Handling

Material-handling aids in the entire process of manufacturing through operations involving:

• Product planning flow

• Process management

• Resource allocation

• Forecasting

• Customer delivery

• Control and management of inventories

• After-sales services and support

If you properly plan material-handling, you’ll find that your company sees shorter delivery times, lower costs of manufacturing and improved customer service.

2. Material-Handling Functions

The main functions of material-handling equipment are to keep your warehouse moving safely and efficiently. They also help reduce the overall costs of planning the layout for assisting production machinery.

Proper material-handling equipment will benefit you by:

• Increasing the movement of equipment, assisting with mechanical aids, and eliminating manual labour.

• Moving the maximum amount of pieces possible in one unit. It should be highly efficient!

• Reducing the transport involved in the production of a material.

• Minimising duplicate handling and backtracking of materials by changing the production sequence

• Better organisation of the process so that there is less distance for movement between products in the warehouse

men doing inventory of stocks in warehouse

Immediately, you will see how big of a role material-handling equipment plays in the manufacturing industry. You can also see how it makes the daily functions of the warehouse so much easier.

Where Can I Get Quality Material-Handling Equipment?

You don’t need to look far for top-quality material-handling equipment.

Scantruck is the sole distributor of the Komatsu forklift in Singapore and West Malaysia--a 100% Japan-made, reliable brand. We’ve been helping thousands of commercial vehicles for over 38 years and partner with the best global brands for spare parts to give you the best value for your money.

Get your material-handling equipment up to date. For more information and a FREE quote on our Komatsu forklift, contact us at 6305 6600 today!

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