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5 Reasons Why Integrated Cameras Enhance Forklift Safety

a man driving a komatsu forklift

Forklift cameras can significantly help with forklift safety. Here are 5 reasons why your fleet should have integrated cameras.

Integrated cameras—who needs them? If there’s a forklift in your workplace, this one’s for you.

Here at Scantruck, we’re passionate about forklift safety—that’s why we have a wide catalogue of forklift accessories that can ensure safe operations. An integrated camera is one of these, and we recommend it for all sorts of job sites. Don’t underestimate its small size; these cameras might just be a big life-saving tool for your fleet.

forklift integrated cameras

Here are 5 reasons why integrated cameras can help with forklift safety:

1. Improved operator efficiency.

A forklift camera acts as a second set of eyes that helps the driver manoeuvre tight spaces, narrow hallways, and load or unload items quickly. In fact, forklift cameras increase a driver’s efficiency by 40% when compared to one working without it!

2. Increases pedestrian safety.

One of the biggest hazards when operating heavy machines is potential accidents. Forklift camera systems come with alarms that alert operators when a pedestrian is nearby, effectively preventing any from occurring.

3. Prevents collisions.

With the help of integrated cameras, blind spots, potential hazards, and other vehicles are easily spotted and promptly avoided. And, in the unlikely event of an accident, cameras can even help improve operators’ response time.

4. Helps with lifting and loading.

Better visibility means better control, which is important when stacking, arranging, and retrieving loads. A forklift camera helps the operator keep track of items better, with fewer chances of losing any while loading or unloading, or damaging products while stacking.

5. Increases overall business profitability.

All these add up to smoother operations, fewer setbacks, and less downtime. Forklift safety is the best investment, as it lets you focus more on your business.

Where to buy integrated cameras in Singapore?

Scantruck’s catalogue carries different kinds of integrated cameras, and we deliver anywhere in Singapore! For more information on available forklift cameras, our selection of forklifts, or any of our services, call us at 6305 6600.

Let Scantruck partner with you in growing your business.

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