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Forklift Maintenance in Singapore | When, Where & How Often

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Looking for reliable commercial vehicle maintenance? This article by Scantruck covers all the basics.

Forklift maintenance and repairs can be costly. So how do we minimise that? Prevention rather than correction! Ideally, you want to identify the problem at its initial stage so it can be solved with minimum resources. That’s why Scantruck ensures you get the proper overall check-up.

So, how often do you actually need to get your forklift checked? Here is a list of questions that will help you evaluate the state of your forklift:

1. What is the age of the fleet?

Age will always be a determining factor in how often the units need to be inspected. The older the forklift, the more likely it is to require maintenance.

• Remember: Usually, the more hours the forklift has, the standard 250-hour interval may no longer apply.

How many units are in the fleet? How many forklifts do you own? Are they enough to keep your business going if one unit stops working due to a maintenance issue?

If you answered no, that might just be a liability.

Before anything happens, reach out to us to get your forklift inspected.

2. Is there any special attachment installed to the forklift?

Understanding the kind of forklifts you have and planning ahead the maintenance will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. When you know how many forklifts use specialised attachments, you can stay on top of any issues and prevent further damage to your special forklifts.

• Remember: Forklifts with attachments have shorter service intervals than regular lifts because units with attachments are made for specialised jobs. If your lifts use any special attachments, it’s better to have them maintained more often.

3. What conditions do your forklifts work in?

Forklifts often operate in extreme conditions because of unpredictable worksite environments. Sudden changes in temperature, such as working in extreme heat outdoors and then moving into highly air-conditioned rooms, will affect your unit.

All forklifts are tools, and they need to perform daily heavy-duty tasks.

• Remember: The operational environment greatly determines the frequency of maintenance.

4. Do you have electric forklifts?

An electric unit needs just as much servicing as one with an engine. If your lift is battery-powered, but you find that it isn’t keeping charge, then it’s time to have that forklift inspected.

• Tip: Get a trained and certified technician to look at your battery and maintain it. (We can help you with that!) A regular operator may overcharge and damage the battery, injuring your operator and eventually costing you a lot of money.

5. Do you use your forklift seasonally?

If you only use your forklift seasonally, you may forget that it still needs to be checked. Scheduling your maintenance is the best way to keep your units working in their best condition while ensuring that you don’t overspend.

• Tip: Plan your maintenance during the off-season so they are good to go when downtime is over.

Let our experts walk you through the maintenance your forklifts need, and call us at 6305 6600 to get a FREE quote and inspection on your forklifts!

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