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Forklift Price: 4 Things That Affect It

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Considering that buying a forklift in Singapore can cost around SGD 20,000 to SGD 300,000, these four things may help you decide what forklift fits your budget.

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Buying and owning a forklift can be an expensive proposition. Knowing what factors affect a machine's price can help you narrow your choices and pick a forklift that best suits your needs.

1. Capacity

A machine that can lift heavier loads will cost more than a forklift that lifts comparatively lighter weights. This is because larger machines require heavier parts to do their tasks safely. So before buying a forklift, consider the load requirements of your project before opting for a heavier, more-expensive machine.

2. Quality

Not all forklifts are built the same. Machines from well-established manufacturers will cost more initially but may make up for it in reliability. A forklift made with better parts will not break down as often as a lower-quality machine and will require less maintenance and repairs.

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3. Maintenance and operating costs

On a related note, forklift expenses continue beyond their purchase. Once you acquire a machine, you must factor in maintenance, repair, and part replacement costs. As said previously, buying a high-quality machine may help minimize these costs in the long run, but the initial cost may be comparatively higher.

If you want to know more about forklift maintenance, check out this article.

4. The Warranty

When buying a forklift, the seller may include a warranty with your purchase. While this adds to the initial price, a warranty may save you money on troublesome repairs or parts replacement. Always consider the coverage of your warranty before paying for a machine.

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