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Forklift Rental in Singapore: It's a better deal than you think

operator driving yellow forklift

Here are 4 top considerations when renting is the better option.

Depending on your situation, there may be better choices than purchasing a forklift, so we listed the top reasons why you should consider renting one instead.

Here at Scantruck, we understand that it's essential for you to keep the organisation lean and mobile while balancing those busy periods in your operations that need equipment such as a forklift. But while it sounds appealing to own a forklift to increase your business' efficiency, the listed factors might help you consider renting a machine instead.

operator in the forklift with blue lights on

1. You're on a tight budget

Suppose you need more capital to make that initial purchase or enough funds to cover the total cost of a forklift in Singapore. In that case, renting is a wise investment as it minimises your upfront investment and keeps you more liquid for other regular company expenses.

2. You only have seasonal spikes in operations or short-term projects that need a forklift

Every company experiences peaks and dips in business every year. If a forklift only comes in handy during specific months, then renting is for you!

Renting will help keep your business afloat during busy seasons or when completing ad-hoc projects, keeping your operations optimal during regular programming.

3. You need to address a temporary equipment requirement

Let's say you're streamlining your operations, and one project requires a forklift. While owning a forklift would be convenient for this particular job, how often will you use the forklift once the project is completed?

If your answer is "not often," then consider renting a forklift for the time being.

4. You need an immediate forklift replacement due to equipment breakdown

When equipment breaks down, repairs can get expensive. The price of repairs plus the downtime doubles your cost. The best way to keep your operations afloat during times like these is to rent.

If you want to learn more about forklift maintenance, read this article here.

three types of forklift on display

We at Scantruck know these factors can make or break a business, so we offer options for trade-in, direct purchase, and forklift rentals.

You can rent your forklift from us for as low as $100/ month in two easy steps:

Contact us at 6305 6600, and get a free consultation. We can also visit your site for a more detailed assessment.

Once we provide you with our recommendation, review your options. Rest assured, we'll help you decide the best solution for your needs.

We're the sole distributor of Komatsu forklifts in Singapore – a 100% reliable and Japanese-made brand. To view our catalogue, click here.

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