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How do you choose a forklift supplier? | Top 8 questions to ask dealers

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Make sure you purchase the right machine by asking your supplier these questions.

There are two kinds of forklift suppliers in Singapore: the big players who distribute major forklift brands like Komatsu and dealers who buy and sell used forklifts. While each has its pros and cons, the supplier you choose should be able to answer these eight questions before they sell you a machine.

1. How long have they been in the forklift industry?

2. How much inventory (including replacement parts) do they keep on-site?

3. How quickly can they deliver your machine?

4. How many mechanics do they have on staff, and do they have enough to support your forklift needs?

5. What industry do they specialise in? Make sure they supply others in your industry.

6. What are their service hours? Ask if they also include on-site service.

7. How fast can they respond to inquiries and concerns?

8. What forklift brands do they supply?

If you want to learn more about the types of forklifts available for your business, read this article here.

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