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How to properly inspect your truck | 7 Critical Components to check

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Ensure your fleet is in good condition by performing these inspections.

When your truck breaks down, it slows down your operations and risks endangering your employees. The best way to lessen the need for repairs is through preventive maintenance. Here's a list that you can go through to ensure that your fleet is in its best condition.

truck inside of warehouse for repair

1. Brake inspection

• Ensure that your brake systems are working, especially the emergency brake

• Measure the width of the brake pads. If they are ⅛ inches thick or less, replace them immediately

2. Interior inspection

• Test the horn to make sure that it is working and is loud enough for vehicles to hear from a distance

• Check that the following are working properly:

‣ Seatbelts

‣ Defrosting system (especially in cold weather)

‣ Cooling and heating systems are working properly

• Keep emergency equipment inside the vehicle, such as:

‣ Flashlight

‣ First aid kit

‣ Fire extinguisher

‣ Shovels

‣ Chains

‣ Reflective jackets

‣ Warning triangle

mechanic checking oil of forklift parts

3. Lights inspection

• Make sure that the high and low beams can light up the road and are free of condensation and cracks

• Check that the following are functioning properly:

‣ Taillights

‣ Brake lights

‣ Both turn signals

‣ Emergency flashers

‣ The bulb that illuminates the licence plate

• Ensure that the reverse lights automatically flash when you back your vehicle up

4. Mirror Inspection

• Check that the driver-side and passenger-side mirrors do not have cracks or heavy scratches

• Make sure that both the exterior and interior mirrors are secured properly

5. Tyre Inspection

• Check the condition of the tyres to ensure that they:

‣ Match the wheel in size

‣ Are free from cuts, breaks, embedded objects, and excessive wear

• Ensure that the wheels are aligned

• Keep the proper tools to change a tyre and a good condition spare tyre within the vehicle

6. Under the Hood

• Inspect the battery, all hoses, and all fluids present like wiper fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and oil

7. Windshield and Accessories

• Test that the following are working properly:

‣ Window wipers

‣ Window controls (ensure they go up and down correctly)

‣ Check that the windshield and back windows do not have cracks or scratches

To maximise efficiency, compile all of these into a checklist, so it's easy to run through them daily. This way, you can ensure your commercial vehicles maintain the best quality for a long time. Learn more about how preventive maintenance helps your trucks in the long-term here.

If you need a comprehensive look at your commercial vehicle's condition, Scantruck is your one-stop solution for all your commercial vehicles and material-handling equipment needs in Singapore. We've been helping thousands of commercial vehicles for 38 years and partner with the best global brands for spare parts to give you the best value for your money.

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