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Solid or Pneumatic: Which Forklift Tyre is Better?

man operating forklift inside the warehouse

What forklift tyre is best for your vehicle? Read this to find out!

Did you know that there are several forklift tyres to choose from? This may come as a surprise to new forklift owners–and we understand that it can get overwhelming. To keep things simple, we’ve broken it down to the two main tyre types as well as their pros and cons:

used tyre of forklift

1. Solid tyres are made out of solid rubber, designed for use in environments with predominantly flat surfaces.

• Pros: lasts up to 4x longer, maintenance-free

• Cons: typically more expensive

2. Pneumatic tyres are filled with air. These are shock absorbent and are meant to be used outdoors, typically over rougher terrain.

• Pros: less turbulence, cheaper

• Cons: tyre may be punctured over sharp objects

Honestly speaking, we don’t really recommend Pneumatic Tyres unless it’s operationally required. Usually, only forklifts 10 Tonn and above would require Pneumatic Tyre. If this isn’t necessary for your working conditions, we would recommend Solid Tyre. Whichever tyre you choose, make sure you get the most out of them. To add, this article will be helpful in your decision!

man riding forklift inside the warehouse

Scantruck also offers a one-for-one solid tyre replacement program on top of a forklift service contract that includes:

• Discounted prices for spare parts

• Regular maintenance checks

• Repairs and breakdown services at lower prices – we’ll coordinate all the necessary transportation!

Contact us at 6305 6600 – we’ll even throw in a FREE consultation!

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