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4 Reasons Why You Need A Forklift Service Contract

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We've put together a list of reasons why you should consider a planned maintenance program for your forklift:

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By regularly maintaining your forklifts, you're effectively extending your machine's lifespan – and the benefits don't stop there! Here are a few more we think you should know:

1. It lowers your maintenance costs

By having your forklifts checked regularly, you'll be able to identify problems before they develop any further. In addition, these checks will give you more time to reallocate your resources, lowering the need for repairs and reducing the costs needed to pay for them.

To learn more about preventive maintenance, read this article here.

2. It keeps your workers safe

There is always a risk for operators when working with heavy machinery. However, regularly inspecting your forklifts minimizes the risk of injuring your workers from a machine breakdown incident, especially in hazardous environments.

To learn more about workplace safety, read this article here.

3. It boosts productivity and efficiency

In addition to the second point – the less your vehicles break down, the more you can get done. By bringing in your machines for regular maintenance, you're ensuring they're capable of keeping up with work demands. Plus, if your forklift is smoother to drive, it makes it easier for operators to use the machine, thus boosting their productivity.

4. It increases the vehicle's value

While you may need your entire fleet presently, if an emergency arises, you may need to rent or sell your equipment. Regularly maintaining them will increase their value if you decide to sell or rent your forklift.

If you want to learn more about renting equipment, read this article here.

If you want to learn more about maintenance intervals, read this article here.

By opting for Scantruck's forklift service contract, you're signing up for:

• Spare parts discount

• Tyre replacement discounts

• Complimentary breakdown inspection

• Discounted repair labour services

mechanics posing inside workshop

We're the sole distributor of Komatsu forklifts in Singapore – a 100% reliable and Japanese-made brand. To view our catalogue, click here.

To learn more about Scantruck services, click here.

Give us a call if you're experiencing equipment issues. We'll send our maintenance team to your site or arrange for your forklift to be towed into our repair shop. Transportation and coordination are on us!

For any additional enquiries, contact us and request a FREE quote at 6305 6600 today!

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